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ASPARAGUS (Shatavari) as Multi target Drug

Asparagus racemosus Willd (Liliaceae) known as ‘Shatavari’ in Ayurveda has the earliest mention of the use of plant in medicine is found in the Rigveda which was written between 4500 and 1600 BC. Shatavari means “who possesses a hundred husbands or acceptable to many”. In Ayurveda this amazing herb is known as the “Queen of Herbs” because it promotes love and devotion. [36]. Shatavari is the main Ayurvedic remunerative tonic for the female, as is Withania (Aswagandha) for the male. Shatavari is however, used for sexual debility and infertility in both sexes. It is also used for menopausal symptoms and to increase lactation. []

Clean off Madhumeha vis-à-vis Diabetes with Sadabahar

Ayurveda classified a Sweet disease in the Urinary syndrome of Prameha along with 20 more conditions. The precursor of this Madhumeha were told as the Obesity i.e. Sthoulya. As stated by Charaka – “Urbanization is the root cause of all diseases”, the civilized stress has its role in causing the metabolic disturbances resultant into an out come of Sweet Urine – “Diabetes”. Diabetes usually found in the Dental clinics or examined specifically with a Family history. The phases of Madumeha are wide and its treatment more or less is regulation of stress and food habits. See more at - []

Pumsavana - Choice of child

Ayurvedic technique of genetic engineering to ensure healthy progeny and to determine the sex of the child is Pumsavana or Garbhopachara (Susruta Samhita Shareera 2/31).  Pumsavana is one of the Shodasha Karmas (Sixteen rituals) practiced in various stages of life in ancient India. Ayurveda uses many Gender selection drugs such as - Putramjeevi, Vatankura (Ficus Benghalensis), Apamarga, Sahachara, sahadeva, viswadeva, swetabrhati, etc. Pumsavana - Choice of child Precautions:
* Susruta states that, the conjugation on even days (4-6-8-10-12) gives rise a male baby and on the odd days (5-7-9-11) to a female baby. [the day count is from the day of menstruation] 
* The husband is also asked to have a rejuvenate food or medication to make the testosterone rich and a qualitative and quantitatively fit semen to generate. The Black gram, beans, etc. is good to vitalize. 
* To get the choice of child - have the medication immediately after conception conformation till to third month on Pushyami star day, according to the procedure. Do not attempt before, as there may be a chance of altering your hormone states. 
* After consumption of medicine must lie down in left lateral position for 30 minutes. 
* It is better to chant or hear “Gayatri mantra” on the day of medication and even after.
* Consume as much as milk and Payasa (milk porridge) and calcium rich foods in the regular food. 
* Consult your Ayurveda Physician - time to time for the advise. To determine the use pattern of sex selection drugs (SSDs) or in rural North India an integrated qualitative and quantitative study was conducted. The Ayurvedic procedure 

Consistently Hyper acidity ?

Are you suffering from Hyper Acidity or Belching - May be you are a Cardiac Patient. Be Careful. It is observed that a chronic Amlapitta or Parinama shoola patients are not really with the GERD or any Gastric problem. The mistaken diagnosis is common. I come across a patient who underwent a psychological trauma 7 years back. As per the other Health conditions are concerned - no symptoms. Patient turns in to Diabetic and continued with Diabetes and Hyper-acidity. Suddenly there is pain in the chest - that responses for the Hyper-aidity drugs. But the fact underneath is revealed as the patient undergoes with a series of ECG, ECHO and Angiogram. ECG show sinus tachycardia and nothing particular in 2D echo cardiogram. Angiogram results are 95% block in Left and 70% block in right cardiac arteries. 

So, when ever you come across a patient with chronic Hyper-acidity with Diabetes - think of a cardiac block and Heart diseases. 

Astrology Utility in Patient Care

Tradition to meet the Technology in Techno Ayurveda

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